The Digital Shelf E-book:

Web data you need for ecommerce insights

  • Discover the stages and data behind the digital journey
  • Explore the key data points to capture
  • Learn the insights revealed through those data points
Digital Shelf E Book

The key digital shelf web data to drive ecommerce insights

  • What stages of the online journey are often overlooked, and optimizing share of search to maximize product discovery
  • Why insights into online product positioning is key, and the under-used important data on product pages
  • How customer sentiment is directing businesses, and the undiscovered treasures of reviews, Q&As, ratings and rankings

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Improve operations

Optimize to customer needs and gain insight into market demand

Understanding customer sentiment and actively responding to feedback is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. Many businesses neglect key responses to customer service and product improvement resulting in missed opportunities for growth both internally and externally. Address potential problems early, respond quickly and keep your customers happy. 


  • Enhance customer service and own the conversation with customers 
  • Improve search ranking factors and measure the percentage of questions answered on a listing
  • Identify missing points and details from product descriptions that may be blocking customers from buying

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Enhance growth

Explore market positioning and improve discoverability

As the number of eCommerce sites continues to rise, it’s critical now more than ever to optimize search strategies to maximize discoverability. Studies show that 70% of Amazon customers never click past the first page of search results.

  • Understand and control the impact of paid search
  • Track and monitor ranking against global marketplace
  • Analyze and optimize share of search to ensure discoverability
  • Benchmark product rankings against competitors for keywords and categories

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Ebook Lp Gaining The Insight To Increase Sales

Data Overview

Dive into the data to drive results

As the leading eCommerce web data partner, we provide the digital shelf data that the world’s leading brands, retailers and analytics companies use to gain a competitive edge. With you gain a data partner who has the expertise and ability to provide eCommerce web data reliably at scale. Offering a fully managed service, we act as an extension of your team to help you grow your business. To explore the Digital Shelf data we can deliver, download an overview of our data.

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