Easily monitor changes to your data

Have you ever faced the challenge of keeping up with changes to a competitor’s website or monitoring prices on ecommerce or manufacturing sites regularly? With Change Reports, we summarize and show adds, deletes and changes from your prior run.

Powerful comparison reports

Show data over multiple websites and allow users to compare attributes such as product offerings, inventory, or pricing. For item names that are not an exact match, the reports use proprietary fuzzy matching logic.

Generate custom reports*

Tired of using too many tools for the data? Use our reports builder or write SQL to get a view of the data that you want.

Visualize your data*

Gain valuable insights by visualizing your data.

Sharing is built-in

Share your reports and data with anyone you choose in your unique portal. Access to the portal does not require an login, but is deep-linked for inclusion in your web pages.

Easy integration with other tools

Powerful APIs provide flexible capabilities to control programmatically and gain automated access to the data. Integrate web data into your own app or website with just a few clicks.  Built-in integrations for Tableau and Google Sheets.

* Coming Soon