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Automatic data extraction

So powerful – it feels like magic. More.

JavaScript supported

Don’t let JavaScript stand between you and web data. More.

API enabled

Use our simple REST API to send live data anywhere. More.

No coding. Seriously.

Point and click. It's that simple. More.

Schedule your extraction

The web is always changing. Now, so will your data. More.

Awesome integrations

Instantly send data to your favorite viz or analytics tool. More.

Seamless scalability

Extract data from 1,000’s of web pages instantly. More.

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One Workflow

Chose the website not the tool. Simplification at its best. More.

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Advanced Scheduling


Authenticate behind the login

Authenticated extraction allows Import.io customers to extract data that is only available after logging into a website. You provide the appropriate credentials and Import.io will do the rest. Authenticated extraction is available to all paying customers at no charge apart from customers on a project plan.
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Advanced Scheduling


Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling is an enhancement to our current scheduling capabilities that gives almost unlimited flexibility over when extractors will run. It is now possible for example to schedule extractions every hour between 9am and 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; or once a day during the months of Jan, Feb, and March; or three times a week at 9am. Almost any combination of time, days, weeks, and months is supported. This feature is available at no charge to all customers on paid plans.
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Public APIs

Public APIs provide powerful and flexible access to extractors and crawl runs enabling programmatic access to Extractor settings: list of URLs and scheduler settings; Extractor information: Run logs and results in CSV and JSON formats and the ability to submit or cancel an Extractor Run. Documentation is available at http://api.docs.import.io and all APIs are available at no charge to all paying customers apart from customers on the project plan.

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extract data

Point & Click

Extract data without learning to program

For more tailored data, create an Extractor using our simple interface. Choosing exactly the data that you want is as easy as point and click.

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Extract in Bulk

Get data from 1,000’s of URLs, all at once

Once you have created an Extractor, you can run it on 1,000’s of URLs with the click of a button. In just minutes, you will get all the data you need.

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It’s your data. Use it where you want it.


Integrations are a breeze when you use our automatically created RESTful JSON API


The universally recognised and loved data format, comma separated values

Google Sheets

Push your data live into Google Sheets and refresh it directly from within the sheet


JavaScript compatible

Does your website require JavaScript? Our tool can extract the data without breaking a sweat.
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Schedule your data extraction

The web is constantly changing and your data should too. You can set up periodic scheduling of your Extractor runs to make sure you don’t miss any changes.
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Integrate your data with one click

Love charts and graphs? So do we. You can easily integrate your data to your favorite spreadsheet or viz tool.

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Automate extraction through our APIs

Create a workflow that takes webpages and turns it into data for your database or app, auto-matically. With our Rest APIs, integration from our tool to yours is simple.

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Embrace the cloud

No more installs or updates. With the cloud, the tool and your data are always there when you need it.

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Unified Workflow

A simple tool with powerful features

By creating a user intuitive interface, you focus on the data instead of extraction. Our workflow allows you to master the tool in minutes.

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Extract from difficult sites

Works on Javascript pages

Extract from paginated sources

Get data behind the login

Record searches to access data

Set manual XPath

Use RegEx

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