Our Customers

Current and past customers have used Import.io in many ways


CreatingWeb.es keeps shopping data accurate with Import.io

Creatingweb.es built a platform using Import.io to extract web data from more than 40 online shops and add the details of each individual item to the fashion finder. Read more.

Using Import.io, RepZio collects timely data for online marketplaces

RepZio uses Import.io to get the most up to date product and inventory data to populate their customers’ online marketplaces. Read more.

Meidata offers research insights using Import.io data extraction

Meidata uses Import.io data extraction for projects, including data scraping ecommerce websites, and integrates this data with other proprietary sources. Read more.

WINwarehouse uses Import.io to get manufacturers specs & images for their non-profit marketplace

Import.io automated the process through web data extraction on manufacturer websites. Read more.

Big Red’s Equipment stays price competitive using Import.io

Big Red’s Equipment uses Import.io for monitoring market prices on various products and keeping on top of price promotions on competitor websites. Read more.

Import.io enables MoveGB to collect leads for rapid expansion

Import.io enables MoveGB to collect the contact details and leads and expand at a much greater rate, which in turn means more variety for their customers. Read more.

Professional Services

ClearMetal creates predictive logistics for the shipping industry

Import.io has turned what would be a big engineering project and a lot of maintenance costs into an easy service that I just click on and spend half an hour a week checking. Read more.

PwC Strategy& uses Import.io to improve data analysis

PwC Strategy& used Import.io, was to enhance data analysis of account-level penetration in a consumer packaged goods (CPG) market. Read more.

Financial Services

Import.io helps investment banking firms model the impact of retail change

A leading investment banking firm uses Import.io to determine the impact of change in a retail environment, such as a major store closing or opening. Read more.

Import.io helps automate data collection for Sparrantan.se

Sparrantan.se uses Import.io to automate data collection by extracting the latest rates and terms from all banking sites in Sweden. Read more.

Import.io provides core market data for Classic & Sports Finance

Classic & Sports Finance uses Import.io to provide market data on price, value and trends to buyers and dealers of classic cars. Read more.


Import.io helps About a Book keep their CMS accurate

About a Book uses Import.io to extract data from multiple websites and provide the latest book information for their usersRead more.

Survey on Tablet collects online reviews with Import.io

Survey on Tablet uses Import.io to collect online reviews for hotels from various sources on the web such as booking sites, blogs and social media. Read more.

Unmudlr uses Import.io to consolidate data from multiple websites

For Unmudlr to display accurate information they need to extract all the relevant information from various web sites. Read more.

And more...

Bubbly uses Import.io to generate leads & uncover competitive trends

Using Import.io to generate leads provides a generous pool of prospects ready to pour into the funnel and flatten out demand fluctuations. Read more.

PhD student research uses Import.io to continuously collect data

PhD students are benefiting from using Import.io to continuously collect data for their Crowdfunding research. Read more.

Coteries Lab relies on Import.io for fast web data extraction

When data is needed for a customer project, Coteries relies on Import.io for efficient and fast web data extraction. Read more.

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