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About A Book

About a Book needs to keep their content management system accurate with the latest book information to enable users to fulfill their reading desires. Rather than spending time trying to come up with the next book to read, About a Book takes the guess work out of picking your next book. This was no easy task. Read more.

Survey on Tablet

Survey on Tablet provides an all-in-one and ready-to-use solution to allow hotels and other consumer facing businesses to monitor and control customer feedback in near realtime. Read more.


Creatingweb.es built a platform using Import.io to extract web data from more than 40 online shops and add the details of each individual item to the fashion finder. The openness of Import.io allowed them to develop a script to extract the information to keep the data accurate. “This was the easiest and fastest method by far”, said Diego Sanchez from Creatingweb.es. Read more.

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