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As the largest data source on earth and growing, web data provides incredible value to any organization whether for profit or non-profit.

Demand for data is increasing exponentially and Import.io is leading the charge to ensure the web is an open source of data.

Import.io was founded on the principle that sharing data makes the world a better place. Since 2012, Import.io has been building a platform to do just that. Starting from a simple web data extractor and evolving to an enterprise level solution for concurrently getting data that drives business, industry, and goodness.

Some examples of how people use their web data


Retailers monitor competitor pricing, product rankings, and customer sentiment plus get images and product descriptions for their marketplaces.


Manufacturers easily monitor minimum advertised price (MAP) and ensure compliance from retail partners.


Track retail store openings and closings, monitor real-estate listing changes, extract consumer sentiment, track pricing, and more. 


Journalists use web data as a basis to validate their story, combining web data with other sources to write articles.

Data scientists

Gather data and images to feed machine learning and AI.

Media producers

Movie, music, and book producers easily track ranking changes on sites like IMBD, Spotify, and Amazon.


Hotels and restaurants monitor customer sentiment with a daily report pulling changes to rating on Yelp or Trip Advisor.

Marketing and product

Marketing, product development, and executives track real-time product sentiment on industry blogs and adjust the business accordingly.

In addition to a great product, we have amazing people

We’ve assembled a great team of engineers, data scientists, product gurus, marketing mavericks, and algorithmic magicians. You’ll find us in Silicon Valley, working hard to bring you the next big thing in data.

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We are also funded by some of the greatest minds in technology.

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