Non-profits believes in doing good with data. However web data can help non-profit organizations further their mission, is here to help.

A couple of examples of non-profit organizations using web data include:

WINwarehouse connects non-profit organizations with excess office furniture and equipment inventory from corporate donors, and both benefit. WINwarehouse has received hundreds of thousands of gifts-in-kind donations, but the information that the donor sends is often incomplete. automated the process of getting the images, descriptions, and specifications they need from manufacturer websites. Now, WINwarehouse has that time back to spend on their core mission.

Polaris is a non-profit organization working to eradicate human trafficking. They run a telephone  hotline that victims can call at any time to receive assistance, which led to over 72,000 telephone interactions between 2007 and 2012. Using this data, Polaris can analyze trends in human trafficking, from demographic information to local density of occurrences. Recently they released this information to the public in an effort to increase awareness of human trafficking incidents, they also outlined preventative measures that can be taken.

Nurse-Family Partnerships is a national non-profit that works with local agencies to send nurses to help low-income mothers cope with the challenges of raising their newborn baby. They pair poor, first-time mothers with family nurses that make biweekly home visits from the prenatal period until the baby is two years old. Every visit is meticulously documented and reported on. Altogether the organization tracks 2,000 different variables about each family. Using this data they can track the early warning signs of unhealthy behavior and regional trends then counsel the mothers accordingly.